Having fun in Ono City

My wife's parents came to Ono City.  This is their first trip to Japan.  They had been wanting to come to Ono to see Rosemary, my daughter,  for a long time.   They drove from Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia.  From there, they took a plane to Toronto, Canada, changed planes at Haneda, and finally arrived at Komatsu Airport on Tuesday, June 11th.   In total, it took almost one day to travel from Alabama to Ono City.    I thank them for coming all the way to this side of the planet.

They seem to struggle with many kinds of Japanese food.  Megan and I are doing our best to find places where they can enjoy food.   We eat breakfast at Panaderia, a bakery at Shichiken Street every day.

This bakery is perfect for them since it opens at 7 a.m. and they can eat inside.  My father in-law never hesitates to try to shake hands with grandmas in Shichiken Morning Market.   Those grandmas also seem to enjoy associating with my in-laws.  I have fun eating breakfast with my in-laws in the bakery every morning.  


The photo posted above was taken in the cafe inside of Cocono Art Place.  I forgot who took this photo.  Maybe my wife did.  We love to go to cafes in Ono City.   Ono is famous for clean water and the "castle in the sky."  But not only that, central Ono (where I live) has many cafes and sweets shops.   In fact, I think Ono City should also be known as a city of sweets and cafes.  Some foreign tourists coming from western countries might not be able to enjoy Japanese local cuisine, but Japan's western-style sweets should be OK for them.


As a city councilor, this experience of guiding foreigners around is very precious.  I can learn what kinds of foods and places could and could not be attractive them.  I appreciate my in-laws' visit to Ono for providing me with such a great opportunity.