Where has all the votes come from?

How could it be!? Mr. Biden is leading GA and PA now. Now that these results are meaningless since the Trump side will never admit the election results that count mail-in ballots. Japan should never implement the mail-in-ballot system. It gets easily rigged.
Anyway, because both sides will never concede the election results, the House will cast a ballot for who will be the next president. According to the rule, each state has one vote, which means that every state including California and Wyoming has one vote. In that case, Mr. Trump has an advantage in terms of the number of states on his side.
Asia needs the Trump administration as a bulwark against China's expansionism and its human-rights oppression in HK, Tibet, and Xinjiang. China publicly pledges that it will get Taiwan and Senkaku islands some day. I admit that I am for universal healthcare and stricter gun control, which is not his plan at all. (Yes, I like Sanders, too.) But from my point of view, President Trump's tougher diplomatic engagement in Asia is 100% welcome.
A Biden administration is expected to be like the 3rd Obama administration. I can easily imagine that it will avoid causing conflicts against China, the de-facto global challenger against the US hegemony. Despite Mr. Trump's miscellaneous personality problems, here is why I am supporting the Trump team.
Last but not least, here is one thing that needs to be addressed. Mr. Trump has become a hero for Hongkongese and Taiwanese who are suffering to protect their democratic systems. I can say that for sure, even though whatever has been said about Mr. Trump in the US and Europe.